Conditions Applied For Raj Firm Infotech Customers

customer will receive the registration form and agreement. customers should register they username and password only though RAJ FIRM INFOTECH mobile app . for online job here some instructions that you must be follow :
• Client should work in latest version of chrome .
• Client should clear their cookies & caches day by day.
• Client must install current version of shockwave player & sliver light source to avoid back end issues .
• Company not responsible for the software complaints & anti-virus affected on your system .
• Client should not use ticket & chat options for any queries & clarification for instant solution
• Client should not use various location IP address for single login Id, then the id will be locked & company is not responsible for that.
• QC report will be update randomly then only payment will be assign
In the further process 0.001$ will provided as per field note that your QC process can’t be reanalyze & it is an automatic upadate &you can also withdraw the payment must finish the whole assignment records for you qc process otherwise you can ger your report after validity period of assigned records youcan get the report within 10 minutes your allocated project page it can take 48 hours to update the reports in your users panel
conformations calls: if customer not responding to conformation call then project will not be release customers should be alert for verification & conformation calls if they miss this calls next process will be hold .
future updations: *toll free upcoming .
Refund policy :client should earned Rs 10,000/- for every month still they valid period then only client eligible for refund process otherwise no refund
Offline job
• Client must complete 250 pages within 18 days
• Each pages should complete without mistake
• Client should type given tittle name ,page no,file no,Id code and No of Lines and also type without mistake .
• Client do not use any copy/paste option.
• Given pages should type following format :
• Font name –Times new roman
• Style-Regular
• Size-10
• Client should receive 250 pages in 1st day morning 10 ‘o ‘ clock. And client should submit the pages in zip format on 18thday morning 10 ‘o’ clock. After that you will receive conformation mail . If you did not receive immediately contact the technical team within 10 ‘o’ clock .otherwise your submission will not accept.
• Client should reach accuracy level 90% above then you can get next project without payment otherwise if you reach 55% below accuracy level then you should pay for next project .